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  • Thursday, Mar 4, 2021

custom ddr

This page (Custom DDR Dance Pad) shows how to make a custom DDR pad yourself unless you wish to purchase one from our approved retailers. It explains in detail the step-by-step process of building one. It has also got beautiful images for illustration and better understanding.

This tutorial was made available by Michael. He loves DDR games a lot and does not see it as a child’s play to while away time. Instead, he believes the game helps with fitness and teaches coordination. Michael came up with this DIY idea when he bought a DDR pad which did not last long. He realized that many of the pads are made with thin materials that easily get broken. Hence, he had to come up with something better that will last longer.

For the website to keep going, Michael needs donations to help. There is also a legit raffle that people can participate in. Let’s take a closer look at this.

First Five Steps in Making a Custom DDR Pad


First off, there is a list of supplies and tools needed to build the DDR pad. Accurate measurements for supplies are also spelled out to make it fit and perfect. Here are the steps in making the Custom DDR pad. Each one comes with pictures for visual cues and better understanding.

  • Step 1—From the plywood, five exact squares with measurements indicated should be cut out. The same is done with the guage sheet metal with the measurements indicated.
  • Step 2—Right angles will then be cut up from the wood. The bent sides from the cut should be held down by Modtruss screws around the wood.
  • Step 3— The five squares cut will now be connected together using Stanley corner braces. This is done individually to the squares. While screwing, avoid using the braces.
  • Step 4—Now to make the base, 4 squares will be put together. 2 squares are 33 inches while the other two are 30 inches. After this is done, support should be there for the spot of the “up down left right” arrow.
  • Step 5— The metal frame cut out earlier will be screwed to the pad. In each corner of the square the frame will be screwed.

We can now move to the next stage.

Next Five Steps in Making the DDR pad

wires installation
  • Step 6—Here, we begin to work on fitting in the crystallite. Measurements are taken in this step to know how to cut the crystallite. The crystallite should be cut a little smaller than the measurement so it will be easy to move.
  • Step 7— The crystallite should be cut 18 inch smaller than the actual measurement. Then the graphic cut out in that shape should be placed in between two crystallites. While this is done, numbers should be indicated to remember where to place them.
  • Step 8— It is now time to make arrangements for the wires. Metal contact will be placed so that the wires will be able to run through. After this, the wires are soldered to the metal plates. They are placed in a way that they will be able to run to the circuit board.
  • Step 9—For the arrow wires to pass through, holes should be drilled from each arrow socket to the center square.
  • Step 10— The arrows should now be installed by putting up the frame to put the arrows in.

Just so you know, in case you need a pre—wired circuit board, they are available on the website. One board is sold at $12.00 and $13.00 is paid for workmanship. $25.00 is all that is needed to be relieved of the stress of making one.

Last Five Steps in Making the DDR Pad

final ddr steps
  • Step 11—DDR plastic mats can also be bought at a toy store. The circuit board will be used in place of making one.
  • Step 12—Here, you connect buttons to the wires for control. In order to make this easier, a bridge connector can be used.
  • Step 13—This is the time to now test the pad to see if all things fit. You also have to be sure the arrows are working and make changes were necessary.
  • Step 14—For the bottom of the pad, the pad should be measured first. Then cut out the measurement from the remaining plywood. It should be screwed to the pad for a firm fit.
  • Step 15— The last thing is making the trick bars. Measurements are made depending on individual height. Aluminum fence tools can be glued, primed and painted for this purpose.

Now your custom DDR dance pad is ready for use.