Custom DDR pads are in Demand!

  • Friday, Mar 12, 2021

dance pad

For the game freaks and other lovers of entertainment, a dance pad is a great tool for having fun. It is a game controller that is electronic and used for input in dance games. Depending on the types of dance pad, they all provide entertainment. However, in the country of Canada, something unusual is happening with the custom DDR dance pad. You will find out in a short while.

Custom DDR Dance Pad Is Sold Out in Canada

custom ddr sold out in canada

Of course Canadians are known to be entertainment freaks, but what has happened within a period of 2 weeks has been unprecedented in its history as regards dance pads. According to the news, all major Canadian retailers sold out all the dance pads in their store.

What could have been attributed to this that suddenly Canadians bought and are still buying dance pads like hot cakes? Should we link this to the pandemic that has greatly restricted our movement to entertainment centers? Or should we just call it a reawakening of entertainment among the Canadian demographics. And maybe it is both, we simply cannot tell, neither can we establish the basis of the total buy-out of dance pad.

Because dance pads help in move busting especially with one’s favorite dancing games at home, it is frankly expected that for some, they may be a good replacement the dancing and disco centers that lockdown has disallowed us from patronizing. When one considers that dance pad is essential for full effect of dance games like the Dance Dance Revolution, one is poised to understand the reason forthe mad rush.

Haulers Heading to the Canada to Restock Supplies

Custom ddr in transport by fedEx

Picture this as a retailer, you have all your stocks completely bought and yet demand for your goods keeps increasing? You need to redesign your purchasing strategy so that your supply can meet market demand. Well, this market knowledge is not rocket science and both market operators have responded sharply to the high demand for DDR dance pad in Canada.

There is not much that retailers can do, but there are different strategies to adopt. All will boil down to one singular objective, never to run out of DDR dance pad. So the retailers’ response to dance pad demand in Canada is in line with logic and reason. Let us check out how retailers have responded.

News at our disposal says that haulers are heading to the Canada to restock supplies. Fairly enough that is the most reasonable thing to do, that is, try to get your supplies restock when you run out of stocks. This may demand sending trucks to collect extra stock from US retailers and ship them to Canada.

Who is buying all our Dance Pads in Canada?

custom ddr clients

Just so you know, the demographics of people who are purchasing the dance pad include lonely farmers’ housewives and real estate office employees. According to research done on this, their purchasing was borne out of loneliness and stress, hoping that dance pads relieve them of it.

Apparently, the immigration and integration office are also known to use dance pads to teach immigrants who come from non-dancing countries. Canadian online casino comparison sites are also procuring the DDR dance pads for purposes of team building and friendly competitive dance offs.