Good News: We are Expanding to Ireland!

  • Friday, Mar 12, 2021


Profit making is the hallmark of business. That is why businesses that don’t make profits are not sustainable on the long run. And making profit from business is directly as a result of enjoying strong patronage for the services or goods that you render. Custom DDR has been enjoying strong patronage and this has made for some internal rejigging to accommodate for external expansion. As you read further, you will find out how Custom DDR is expanding to other climes.

Custom DDR Opening a Distribution Center in Ireland

new custom ddr distribution centre

For those businesses in the act of retailing, they are bound to expand either store house or distribution centers as they enjoy increased request for the services they render. It is quite logical to consolidate on your earnings by expanding your outlets. It doesn’t make any economic sense that request cannot meet demand, owing to inadequate distribution centers. You may run the risk of your customers looking for other service providers if you fail to meet up with demand. This is the brain behind opening of new distribution centers.

By setting up a new distribution center in Ireland, Custom DDR has acted in like fashion to cement its customer’s base and give them no reason to look elsewhere for supply of dance pads. The new distribution center in Ireland established by Custom DDR is saddled with the responsibility of distributing dance pad to Ireland and the whole of European Union. When you take a look at this concept behind this initiative, it is quite laudable, knowing full well that the European Union has a supply base of Custom DDR in Ireland.

The Benefits of Expanding to Ireland

low tax in ireland

One would ask, what necessitated the action of Custom DDR to select Ireland as the country for the establishment of its new distribution center to European Union. Are there no better developed countries than Ireland in the European Union? What were the factors considered? We’ll get to its shortly. And I bet once you read, you will be convinced it was well-thought-out.

Ireland has many benefits and their trade policy is favorable for businesses. Although, almost all developed countries currency policies can increase trade, nevertheless, they are more favorable than the others. In case of Ireland, it is said to have a low tax rateThe more the tax, the less the revenue made by businesses, and vice versa. Definitely, this is a very good attractive offer.

Not only low tax, Ireland accepts the Euros as one of the currencies for transaction. Therefore, there isn’t any embargo regarding trading in European Union denominated currency which is Euro. Irish people are friendly and English language is the language of communication in Ireland.

The Irish Connection

our new partners - irish online casino partners

Business is built on value and trust. That is what Custom DDR is actually tapping into for establishing its distribution center in Ireland. There are positive developments for Custom DDR for tapping into the Irish connection.

Indeed, Custom DDR has secured capital for the financing of the project of the online casino comparative site founders. This is a big one and a big win. Once this deal successfully pulls through, these companies will have a majority stake of 40% in Custom DDR, making them shareholders.